Ron Harvey


Opened Training Ground in 2014 with his wife Jasmine Xu.

Also the Founder of GymBelts and Co-Founder of East West Fitness.

Long time sportman, having played Professional Golf from 2006-2012.

  1. NASM Crertified Personal Trainer
  2. CrossFit Level 1&2
Education and work Experience

Sussex Regional High School Brigham Young University 2001-2005, Professional Touring Golf Pro 2006-2012, CrossFit L1, Weightlifting and Gymnastics, NASM, PN1, GymBelts Founder and Master Coach

Personal accomplishments or experiences that have added value to your coaching

Teaching at children’s golf camps, participating in team and individual sport from young age, professional touring golfer (Nationwide Tour, Asian Tour, OneAsia Tour, Korean Tour, Canadian Tour, Hooters Tour, China Tour), 5x CrossFit Regional Qualifier (4x team, 1x individual but did not compete), 3rd Place in Asia Fitness Championships, 1st Place 2x West Sectional Asia Championship, youngest of 5 children, LADA Diabetic, married to Jasmine Xu and father to Olivia

Personal interests and passions

Fitness and health, golf, music, yummy healthy food, travel, history, Olivia 🙂