Education and work Experience
  • B Engineering Hons (E&E) 2003; Professional Services Consultant (IT), Intec Telecoms Systems P/L;
  • Sales & Marketing Assistant Manager, Qwins Corp S/B 2004-2006;
  • Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Qwins Corp S/B 2006-2008;
  • General Manager, Qwins Corp S/B 2008-present;
  • Managing Director,
    J Kwerks C/L, 2012-present;
  • Founder, Seeds & Sunshine Cafe, 2019-2021;
  • Head of Engineering, Project X-19 C/L, 2021-2022;
Personal accomplishments or experiences that have added value to your coaching

Lots of failed companies, lots of injuries, turning vegan, practicing crossfit since 2014, practicing yoga since 2020, re-learning how to run in 2020,

Personal interests and passions

Climbing, robotics & design