Personal Training

We aren’t here just to count reps. We’re here to help you get more; more strength, more success, more fulfilment, more out of life. Not only will you achieve your goals faster with Personal Training, but you’ll also have a coach for life; somebody who really knows you and who will be there for you. Our Coaching staff has a broad range of specialization and a cumulative 30 years+ in the industry. You can expect our methods to evolve as Training Ground continues its own pursuit of becoming the best it can be, offering world-class services.

Sports Specific/Performance Programming

When you’ve got a specific task to prepare for, the programming will need specific structure. We have extensive experience working with athletes for anything from improving tennis power, increasing vertical leap to iron man and obstacle races.

Physio/Rehab Programming

Injury or doesn’t always need to put a halt on your health and wellness. Learning how to manage and get out of pain so you can feel and perform your best is something we help you do.

General Fitness

Whether weight loss, a goal of becoming stronger, or increasing your flexibility, you’ll get there faster with one-on-one help.

Our Coaches

Coach Josh

Coach Palm

Coach Jon


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How do I choose a coach?

There are two ways. If you see a Coach’s bio that you like, or have a Coach in the gym that you’d like, feel free to let us know when buying your sessions. If you’re not sure then we will ask you a few simple questions to help get you matched up with the Coach who matches best.

How long is each PT session?

We have two types of sessions. We offer 60 minute Personal Training sessions where you can really dive deep with your Coach and start making permanent changes that stick. We also offer 30 minute “Skill Sessions”, a great way to work on a shorter term goal and unlock skills that have been roadblocking your improvement.

How long are PT packages valid for?

A single lesson and a 5 lesson pack (skill session or PT) is valid for 1 calendar month after purchase. A package of 10 PT is valid for 2 calendar months after purchase.

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