Build stamina and endurance through monostructural movements and unilateral strength training.


Oxygen Class is about performance; build aerobic base through interval training on our special cardio equipment and learn pacing strategies.

The results you should see are improved heart rate variability (HRV), muscle recovery, coordination, proprioception and increased VO2 max.

Each section of the class emphasizes key measurables so you know you’re making progress.

Is this for you?

For athletes

If you’re looking for improved endurance and pacing, or want to focus more on endurance instead of mucle building, this is the class for you.

For Longevity

Power output generally decreases in your 30s. However, stamina and endurance is something that can be trained and improved without a dip beyond age 60. It actually helps maintain muscle mass and improves general health.

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Section 1

Purpose: Energy System Training Duration: 20+ minutes Aerobic capacity (eg. intervals) Lactate threshold training (VO2 max) Anaerobic capacity (eg. sprints) How we measure success: Distance tests, output in time tests, VO2 max, resting heart rate

Section 2

Purpose: Ability & Coordination (mobility, strength symmetry, weak links, stability/balance) Duration: 12-16 minutes strength symmetry (unilateral strength) mobility (animal flow, yoga, end range training) stability (plyometrics, proprioception) How we measure success Balance testing, mobility measuring, weak link muscle testing