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 Individual Program Design

We believe the Coach to Client relationship is one of the most unique and powerful relationships a person can have. We will be in your corner, helping you win whatever race you’re in.

The up front emphasis is getting to know you. Your lifestyle, sleep habits, stress levels, your passions, and of course: your performance. We can’t get you to where you want to go without knowing where you currently are. 

From there you will receive programming, feedback, and be able to access your Coach whenever you need. 

Individual Program Design consistantly ranks as the best means to achieve your goals. Without the need to accomodate any excess variables (meaning it’s YOU and YOUR goals alone), we are simply better able to hone in and get you the results you desire. 


Determining your goals, understanding your perspective, and ensuring this is the right option for you; that is where we start.  


To be most effective in our prescriptions, we need to know your physical capabilities. We will also gather useful information regarding your lifestyle, including digestive health, stress levels, sleep, etc. 

Program Delivery

The excitement begins. It’s time to get to work. You will have access to your Coach whenever needed for feedback. During this initial phase, communication is especially important, as often times the prescription is quite different from what you’ve previously done.  

Continuous Re-evalution

Every workout is an opportunity for you and your Coach to learn more about yourself.  Evaluating your progress is essential. As you change, your program will be adjusted to best serve you. Usually the adjustments are minor, but these refinements are vital.  

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Don’t overthink this. There’s too much to gain to let doubt or fear hold you back.

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