Hyrox Training

Hyrox is a fitness race that consists of running and 8 functional workouts. It requires training and preparation in strength and endurance.


In a HYROX race, participants run 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated 8 times.

Training is made up of race preparation and race simulation.

Race preparation focuses on mastering the 8 workout stations through interval training, which incorporates strength and mobility training specific to the movement patterns in a HYROX race.

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Is this for you?

The HYROX race is an endurance race, similar to an Olympic Distance Triathlon in terms of race duration. It is 50% running and the average race duration is 90 mins.

For athletes

HYROX is a sport for everyone. Athletes who wish to improve their previous race times are advised to train specifically for this race.

For General Health

Any sport that combines locomotion and movement patterns usually seen in functional fitness programs will be beneficial. All movements and weights will be scaled according to your fitness level at Training Ground.