Athlete Forever

Build muscle and power output through hypertrophy training.


Athlete Forever is about sensible and efficient hypertrophy training to get great results; muscular symmetry, endurance and volume.

The aim is to improve your strength, power and help you build muscle. You will be exposed to movements that are easy to master with little or no barbell and gymnastics movements.

Athlete Forever also focuses on important areas that can cause injury through neglect, like mobility, balance, stability and weak link muscle groups.

Is this for you?

You don’t need to lift heavy or want to build more muscle to be in this class.

For athletes

If you’re looking for improved muscular symmetry or to identify imbalances, along with strength gains, this is the class for you.

For Longevity

Maintaining muscle mass, symmetry and endurance is key for longevity, balance and overall wellbeing.


Section 1

Purpose: Energy System Training Duration: 12-16 minutes VO2 max (lactate threshold training) Anaerobic capacity (eg: sprints) Aerobic capacity (eg. intervals) How we measure success: VO2 max, resting heart rate, sprint tests, distances for time, output in time

Section 2

Purpose: Muscle, Strength, Power Duration: 12-16 minutes Strength/Power and movement symmetry (plyometrics, lifting, isometric training) OR Muscle and movement symmetry (lifting to failure, for time under tension) How we measure success: Power output, max effort strength tests

Section 3

Purpose: Ability Duration: 8 minutes mobility (animal flow, yoga, end range training) stability/balance (plyometrics, proprioception) How we measure success: Balance testing, mobility measuring, weak link muscle testing