Training Ground is a community of people who take great pleasure in living a healthy lifestyle.

Through our CrossFit, Bootcamp, and Movement Foundations classes, and our personal training, we have produced undisputed measurable results for people of all fitness levels; from elite athletes to those with chronic pain, and everybody in between.

Our programs combine the most effective training methods of gymnastics, weightlifting, high intensity cardio, as well as mobility and movement. Our broad spectrum of equipment and coaches allows us to implement these methods in a way that simply produces results.

At Training Ground we understand that the ego belongs nowhere inside the gym. We’ve all experienced personal letdowns along with incredibly satisfying personal bests. Our members understand what new clients are experiencing, and because of that, you will never be alone in your struggles and triumphs.

The community aspect of our gym is its strongest and most meaningful feature. We are supportive, inclusive, and we genuinely care about your experience.