Welcome To Training Ground

Thailand’s Biggest Strength and Fitness Community

Training Ground is Thailand’s biggest Health and Fitness Community.

With over 200 members and over 1700 sqm of gym space, we take pride in pushing the boundaries and stereotypes about what fitness “should” look like in Thailand.

Through our various programs and services, we have produced undisputed and measurable results for our clients: from total beginners to elite athletes.

People come to us because they want to perform better, they want to look better naked, they want to feel more confident, they want to lose fat, they want to get stronger…

They stay with us because together with our clients, we are so much more than just a gym.

It’s All About You

The members at Training Ground affectionately call us the “Training Ground Family” and we’re really proud of that.

Bu let’s be honest, almost nobody comes to us looking for a great community of people to lift them up and motivate them, but it’s why a lot of people stay.

Fitness can be intimidating, we know that, we’ve been there.


Finding gyms isn’t hard, finding “Trainers” is as easy as opening Facebook, finding group workouts is as easy as walking to your local mall.  But if this was all you needed, everyone would already have reached their goals, wouldn’t they?


What’s much harder to find is an environment where highly skilled Coaches are going to guide you through every movement – whether you’re a pro athlete or you can barely support your own weight. One where everyone around you is cheering you on no matter your level. One where the effort you put in counts so much more than just the results.

This is truly rare, because it’s in this type of environment you can find the support and enthusiasm to achieve everything you thought you’ve always thought you weren’t good enough to attain.


“When somebody comes in and they say ‘I can’t do it’ or they have a fear of challenging themselves…and you say, ‘Hey look, trust this process, I promise you it can happen’. When you see them accomplish their goals, the elation and the happiness that they feel, the confidence they gain from that, you can’t beat that!” – Coach Ron (Head Coach and Co-Founder)

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