Transformational Client Centred Fitness

At Training Ground helping YOU achieve YOUR goals is our primary focus and constant obsession.

Whole Body Health

Fitness isn’t just about grinding yourself into the ground at the gym with boring, repetitive workouts. It means having fun at the gym, enjoying a balanced and happy social life and getting proper recovery. We put your progress front and center in everything we do.

Take Charge of Your Body

We want it all. We want to be lean, strong, quick and have endurance. We want to look good naked and still enjoy the occasional HUGE cake and big night on the town. We help our community find that balance where a fitness lifestyle becomes a fun addition to their lives.
Clean Eating
Let’s be honest, Thailand isn’t getting any thinner. The choice of foods is overwhelming now. What’s good and what isn’t? We partner with some of the best and tastiest Clean Eating food providers to give you access to the nutrition you need to make sustainable changes to your health.

What Is Training Ground?

What is CrossFit?

It is fitness turned into a sport. It’s the exciting, constantly varied exercise craze taking the world by storm.

At Training Ground, CrossFit principles are a big part of what we do.

“I not only improved my physical condition but I gained so many new friends”


“There is a new world where people around you help you to keep pushing your limits and support you at the same time.”

“Crossfit is a great way to stay fit. It helps me push my limits through each exercise and daily life.”

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